Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aubrey Turns 3!

Never mind the ridiculous delay on me posting about Aubrey's birthday, which was almost two months ago.  It's been a busy summer, which I intend to write about soon.  But tonight I will reflect on the day Aubs turned 3...

We celebrated twice this year.  Once in Culver at Gangy's and once in Indy with the Ashton clan and neighbors.  Culver included a Mermaid cake, as Aubrey had been enjoying several screenings of the Little Mermaid in the late spring.  Gangy bought her light up butterfly crocs (which have not left her feet since June), a mermaid doll, and some clothes.  Aubrey played with bubbles from Grandma and Grandpa and dined on a fine cuisine of hot dogs and cake.  Aunt Teri decked her out in some Hello Kitty sunglasses.  Apparently three is the age where kids learn how to sing Happy Birthday to themselves on a daily basis and request to blow out every candle in sight.


Back at home, we had a cookout and caterpillar cake (courtesy Costco so it was a LARGE cake, and delicious at that...get the chocolate cake with chocolate mouse filling and you will not be disappointed) for the occasion.  It was a hot day.  The beer kept us adults cool.  Aubrey got a scooter from Auntie Tricia, colorforms from the Dynak's, a Minnie Mouse guitar from the Losee's, and a doll house along with my little ponies from Gran and Poppa.  




We had given Aubrey balloons at the start of the party.  She really enjoyed releasing them into the sky and watching them disappear.  She likes to set things free.  My favorite moments of her birthday were right before the party, and the day after.  See videos below for the moments.  This girl is funny.  She spent the next week saying, "Oh NO!  Where my birthday go??" and looking for it all over the house as if it were an object to be found.

Aubrey Searches for Her Birthday Video

Our baby is three...which means she is a BIG GIRL now, or so she tells us.  She is talking up a storm.  She is as bossy as ever.  She is becoming quite the singer and lyrical genius (the guitar was a nice addition for her creative outlet), her games of pretend are enhanced with her new toys and figurines, and her fashion sense is unparalleled when a girl dares to wear dressy attire with Crocs, loads of accessories, and several mismatched barrettes.  Happy to let her explore herself in these ways.  As another parent wrote on a blog I read once, "I'm just trying to not raise an asshole."  I think we are succeeding thus far in this endeavor. Aubrey, I hope your year of 3 is your best yet.  Keep making us laugh!  Happy Belated Birthday, Aubrey Gracers!!

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