Monday, June 9, 2014

5 Months Later...

Wow.  Though I had every intention of really keeping up with my digital scrapbooking, it appears the last 5 months have escaped me.  I'd like to say we have been exceptionally busy, but I don't think the last few months have been anything out of the ordinary.  But here's a run down:
Picture Day at School
 Aubrey was busy learning more and more words...and she is quite the jabber mouth now.  Her pretend skills have kicked in, and she can frequently be seen sitting on the living room floor playing with her figurines in an inventive story based on current events.  Tonight she is playing on the floor and pretending her My Little Ponies are at a birthday party.  Last night she was pretending that her dolls were playing at the park in Culver with Gangy.  Last night in the bath she was pretending to bump a bath crayon on the side of the tub, and then went through a repeating, "Ouch, that hurt.  Are you ok?  Yes, I'm ok.  Kiss it better.  Thank you, all better!" script-like charade.  All wonderful signs that her language skills are developing if not thriving, much to her mother's relief and delight.  Today was her last day at KinderCare for the year.  She will return again at the end of July, but has graduated from the toddler room.  Her teachers, especially Jayme, are so sad.  They threw a party for her today and said that even though Aubrey is in constant negotiations with them on all things, and throws regular temper-tantrums, it is "just so cute compared to the other kids.  Something about her just makes it adorable."  The crazy thing is, I think they are being truthful when they say this...they actually feel this way.
Cinderella, Downtown Indy
I suppose I was a little caught up in completing my grad program this past semester.  Yep, that's right....three years later and I finally have a masters degree.  I'm still not out of the woods yet.  I have the BCBA exam/certification to deal with next school year, but my practicum is complete and my supervision hours are almost complete.  What a relief.  I had no idea how much time it was taking from my life until the class ended.  To come home from work and not have anything to read, write, or graph for grad school really made me realize that there are a few hours in the day where I don't have to be working.  I feel like a free woman.  Today marks my first day of summer break.  I had another amazing school year at Carmel.  When I think back to the students I worked with and the teachers I built better relationships with, it makes me a little emotional.  Who wouldn't get emotional after receiving a thank-you note from a student that says you are the light of their life?  Or having a random parent stop you in an elementary school where she is volunteering, look at your name tag and say, " are that lady who trained my son in junior high how to use that computer program.  That was awesome, he talked about it a lot at home!"  Or having a 5th grade student response from an exit slip say, "I can understand what I am reading now, AMEN!  I can make my writing better with this tool, AMEN!"
Spring time at the zoo
As for Eric....I just asked him, "So what should I say you have been doing over the last 5 months?  Anything you would like documented?"  His response: WORK.  I'll elaborate on his behalf (of course.)  Eric has watched several episodes of Shark Tank, provided some very lively commentary during the Winter Olympics (he felt as though he could easily compete with the dancing and figure ice skaters, was not very impressed with their jumps), gave Aubrey countless baths, bed time stories, and bowls of cereal.  And, he worked a lot.  At 9:00 each night, like clock-work, you can find him sitting in front of a laptop running reports to email out to work people.  He's dedicated, that's for sure.
Learning to dress herself
Other highlights from the last 5 months: Ashton and Addison (who are referred to by Aubrey as Maddisons, and now Ashton and Maddisons as of recently) turned 5 years old!  And Dylan turned one years old.  Auntie Lorri and Auntie Tricia got new dogs....Stella and Luna.  Piper and Sadie are learning how to Facetime with us, and Auntie Darci and Uncle John went to Russia for 10 days.  Gangy and Aubrey spent much qualify time together in Indy and Culver (which was a big help to Darla, she never has to ask...)  Garrett is now a Boilermaker graduate (!) and Jack made it through his freshman year.  We took a weekend trip to Ohio to visit the aquarium and another weekend trip to Fort Wayne to the Children's zoo.  Great Poppa turned 90 years old...we celebrated at Alibi's for trivia night.  Ashton, Addison and Aubrey really enjoyed running our answers up to the game master.  I took Aubrey to a puppet show downtown over my spring break (Cinderella).  The adult Ashton's had a nice evening out downtown to see Defending the Caveman and Aubrey saw her first baseball game downtown.  She ate a huge tub of popcorn all on her own.
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
First Ball Game

School's out for summer, so I have every intention of fully documenting events to come and writing a post that is a bit belated, but an important milestone.  Aubrey turned 3 years old last week.  I feel like the last two months she has transformed into a complete big girl.  But more about that later...