Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Snow Days of Our Lives

This week we hit our 8th snow day?  Who knows, we are done keeping track.  Our drive way was a hot mess and required both Eric and I to get the car out of the drive way so he could get to work.  Which then required me to shovel the drive way so he could get back into the garage at the end of the day.  Aubrey helped as much as she could by taking small handfuls of snow and throwing them into the yard.
We did finally get a chance to try out the sled we bought her for Christmas and our slick drive way was a perfect "mini hill" for her to scoot down.  (Gangy, if you are reading this settle down...I had hold of the string on the sled the whole time so there was no danger of her flying into the street.)

Aubrey got an early Valentine's Day surprise in the mail this week from her Gangy.  She was very excited that it was mostly treats.  There is something about a small box of raisins that really thrills a 2 year old.  She has asked everyday since when she will get to see her Gangy again.  Grandma's sure know the way into a grandchild's heart.

Aubrey has also discovered her nipples this week.  She got very excited and ran into the room announcing that she had two buttons on her chest.  Look, Dad has them too!  I tried today explaining that they were actually called nipples, but she misunderstood me and then ran around saying, "Slippers!  Like buttons!" while pointing to her chest.  I took her to Dunkin' Donuts to celebrate her new found sexuality.  Then we headed to the store to pick out birthday gifts for Ashton and Addion, who turn 5 years old this month!  We are headed to the bowling ally to celebrate with them today, and I hope that Eric can join us.  He got home from work last night only to deal with an office phone emergency till after midnight.  This morning he is back in the office making sure everything continues to run smoothly.  So his weekend might actually start this afternoon.  I hope so...Aubrey keeps saying, "Oh NO!  Dad?  I no hear him!"

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