Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aubrey Gets Her Hair Did

Aubrey got her hair cut for the first time this week.  I took her to Cookie Cutters, a hair salon for kids, right down the street.  They had adorable seats shaped like animals and cars and Aubrey got to choose a DVD to watch during the hair cutting process.  Her choice:  Care Bears Joke-A-Lot Movie.  She did a great job sitting still for the most part and especially enjoyed it when the hairdresser used the squirt bottle on her hair.  (Raining!  On my hair!)

I had high hopes for what this hair cut would look like.  I wanted something to be done so Aubrey's hair would stay out of her face and not make it necessary for me to do her hair each morning.  I am not so sure we accomplished either of these goals.  As the hair dresser starting snipping the bangs in a very straight line across her forehead I knew immediately...woah lady, too short.  But pretty sure once the bangs grow out a bit I'll have the cut that I was picturing.  Aubrey's favorite part of the experience was getting a sucker and going down the big slide in the salon.

Today we are stuck at home because Aubrey has a fever.  She is sleeping a lot, but not without her kitty shoes.
1st hair cut
Not too thrilled about getting her picture taken.

Showing Dad where the Mama, Daddy and Baby Owl 

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