Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aubrey Gets Her Hair Did

Aubrey got her hair cut for the first time this week.  I took her to Cookie Cutters, a hair salon for kids, right down the street.  They had adorable seats shaped like animals and cars and Aubrey got to choose a DVD to watch during the hair cutting process.  Her choice:  Care Bears Joke-A-Lot Movie.  She did a great job sitting still for the most part and especially enjoyed it when the hairdresser used the squirt bottle on her hair.  (Raining!  On my hair!)

I had high hopes for what this hair cut would look like.  I wanted something to be done so Aubrey's hair would stay out of her face and not make it necessary for me to do her hair each morning.  I am not so sure we accomplished either of these goals.  As the hair dresser starting snipping the bangs in a very straight line across her forehead I knew immediately...woah lady, too short.  But pretty sure once the bangs grow out a bit I'll have the cut that I was picturing.  Aubrey's favorite part of the experience was getting a sucker and going down the big slide in the salon.

Today we are stuck at home because Aubrey has a fever.  She is sleeping a lot, but not without her kitty shoes.
1st hair cut
Not too thrilled about getting her picture taken.

Showing Dad where the Mama, Daddy and Baby Owl 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Merry Denver Christmas

We started off the New Year with a flight to Denver, with coincidentally marked the first day that marijuana could legally be sold and consumed in Colorado.  Lines were wrapped around the block for the smoke shops.  On the highway I gagged at the smell of a skunk that had obviously been run over, only to be told by Darci that we had just passed a plant growing weed.  Sorry Denver...your city really stinks.  But your citizens seem very happy.

 Gangy and G Man arrived the same day and we had four wonderful days together in the Koelling household.  We opened gifts together on Thursday morning and had so much fun watching the girls get excited over their new treasures.  Piper got a doll house from Gangy and My Little Ponies from Auntie Darla.  Aubrey got a penguin sleeping bag and a kitty cat that really meows and moves from Auntie Darci.  Both girls got dollies from Gangy too!  Gangy, Darci and Darla took all the girls to the aquarium, we ate Snarfs (Jan ate Snarfs a few times) and visited the Candy Factory.  Our highlight of the trip was taking the girls to get their photos taken at JC Penneys.  The girls did a great job!  Aubrey was all smiles for the first three minutes, Piper was all smiles the last 3 minutes.  So even though our timing was a little off, the pics were adorable and made a memory.  Sadie Bug was a doll for each picture.  Do babies get any more smiley or better behaved than Sadie?!

She is so darn good that a person could even forget that she was even in the car.  Seriously.  Literally.

All the ladies had a lovely lunch at the Olive Garden after pictures were taken.  Yes, only the finest bread sticks and salad will do for this bunch.  We watched the Lorax several times over the course of days and Piper basically potty trained Aubrey.  She taught her how to take her own pants off, how to throw your diaper in the sink, and how to request a bathroom break every five minutes.  I'm not complaining...we've had some good success since we have been home and will always credit cousin Piper with the magic potty chair touch.  The girls learned how to bang on G Man's "drum" (protruding tummy) and consistently fought over Gangy's attention.  Saturday night Gangy and G Man flew home and the Ashtons packed up and got ready for their early flight home.

Then Snowpocolypse 2014 struck.  Indianapolis, along with most of the East Coast, was hit with a gigantic snow storm that canceled flights all over the country.  We quickly found out that we were going to be staying a few extra days in Denver.  Till Tuesday night, to be exact.  The Koellings were good sports about hosting the Ashtons a few extra days.  Darci and Darla took the big girls to the Science Museum were we explored lots of taxidermy and went on a dinosaur dig in the toddler play room.  Darla made Darci suffer through the premier episode of The Bachelor: Juan Pablo.  Again...she was a very good sport!  Eric and John watched lots of football.  When the Ashton's were finally able to return back to Indy, it was a very stressful ride home from the airport at midnight.  The roads were horrible and scary.  School was canceled for the rest of the week so Darla and Aubrey had a nice few days at home to clean, relax and play with new toys.  And watch the Lorax about a gazillion times.  Aubrey is sleeping in her sleeping bag on her bed each night and listening to her Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood CD that Darci burned for her.  Lots of reminders of our Denver trip have infiltrated our house:)