Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year In Review: 2013

In an effort to ignore and avoid the train wreck which is Jenny McCarthy on Rockin' New Years Eve, I've decided to take a moment and reminisce on all the memories our family made this year.  No big NYE plans for the Ashton's this year, as we are headed on a plane tomorrow morning to Denver to have a late Christmas with the Eby's.

The pictures below sum up all the family "firsts" we had this year.  I love seeing these photos next to each other...it really was an amazing, happy year.  Some firsts you will not see in the photos?  Darla's first time blogging (personally and professionally); Aubrey's first time to use the potty; first Ashton family flu bug experience; Eric's first time chasing down a neighborhood robber.  Probably a good thing we don't have photos to commemorate some of those experiences.  But glad we do have photos for the "firsts" listed below...

Aubrey's 1st solo trip to Culver

1st sand castles

1st family trip to Bloomington

1st day of daycare

1st family trip to Denver

Our 1st Dylan

1st surrey ride

1st state fair

1st ginger bread house (aka, Gangy's house!) 

1st time to trick or treat

1st holiday program

1st Eby's Drive-In ice cream cone

1st mulberry picking

1st full blown photo shoot

1st pumpkin patch

1st time putting on coat, all by herself

Our 1st Sadie

1st time at splash park

1st solo swim

1st time Aubrey turned 2 years old; 1st time playing "mama"

Darla's 1st trip to Vegas without her parents by her side

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