Monday, December 30, 2013

Sprinkles and Icing with a Dash of Cookie

Ashton and Addison came to play on Friday night while their parents went out to dinner with friends.  Auntie Darla and Uncle Eric were feeling brave and thought that decorating sugar cookies would be a great activity that would "create a memory" for Christmas 2013.  Eric ran to the store for ingredients, Darla quickly mixed up some dough for roll out cookies (thanks to her new KitchenAide mixer!) and the cookies were rolled and baked.  What happened next was exactly what I expected to happen. And yet, nothing can prepare you for the grossness of watching a 4 year old suck out of a 3 inch tube of decorating icing or the horror as you watch another 4 year old drop an open container of fine green sprinkles all over the floor.  Regardless, we had a lot of laughs Friday night and I think the girls thoroughly enjoyed the process and taste of their own cookies.

A BIG THANK-YOU to Auntie Tricia for coming over and supporting us in this artistic process.  My favorite quote of the night was when Eric asked me if I was throwing away all the little tubes of icing.  I said, "Well...they have all been sucked on by little girls.  There is a little left in the tubes...did you WANT me to save them?"  And then Eric gave the response that every woman has given a million times in her life.  "I spent $60 on that stuff at the store.  What a complete waste."  It wasn't a waste at all though.  Just look at all the fun we had:)

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