Monday, December 2, 2013

Knock, Knock! Who Lives In The Gingerbread House?

Aubrey and Eric made a Gingerbread House together yesterday.  Well, Eric made the house and then taught Aubrey how to eat some candy off of it.  She really loves it though and most of all, she loves pretending to knock on the door to see if her favorite people will answer.  She has been just precious this week.  I feel like we really hit a language BOOM over the last month and it is so interesting and hilarious to listen to her chat away sometimes.  She is counting everything she sees (pretty decent with 1-10 and sometimes on a good day can get to 20.)  She is playing pretend with her babies often and her favorite question to ask is "Ut oh, wha happen?"  Eric introduced her to her first Advent calendar tonight.  Yum, yum, this girl is hooked on Jesus now!

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