Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013, Round 1

In two days, the Ashton's and Eby's pack up and head out to Denver, CO for a few blissful days.  I can't wait to spend time with my sister and adorable nieces.  JK too!!  We've completed round 1 of Christmas and I have to say, it was maybe my favorite Christmas I've ever had.  This is probably due to a few factors:
Blocks, train, books, tea cup set #2
on Christmas morning
Really loving her Bear Puzzle
set from Gangy
1) Aubrey at two and a half is old enough to open her gifts and really enjoy them.  I can't believe how much fun it was to watch her smile when she would open something she really loved.  My house looks like an absolute war zone right now, as she has decided to play with each toy she got for 5 minutes and then moves onto the next toy...but still, really great to see her start to understand the joy of Christmas.

2) We stayed home this year.  For the first time in a long time, Eric and I woke up Christmas morning in our own house and stayed in our own house until 4pm.  It was really special to start our own family Christmas morning traditions, including wearing PJs until we were forced to change out of them, cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk and coffee, and A Christmas Story playing on repeat.

Gangy's House
Our Christmas Schedule
The Saturday before Christmas, we traveled up to Culver and celebrated with Gangy and G Man by opening up some gifts.  Aubrey loved all her gifts, which included a bear puzzle, light-up shoes, an art easel, and a tea cup set.  We then headed over to Aunt Teri's for the Reinholt celebration.  Aubrey got an awesome Play-Dough set from Busald's and new favorite books from the Baker's (Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons has really taken this household by storm.)  Aubrey was attached to Gangy's hip the entire night.

On Christmas Eve, Aubrey sprinkled reindeer food out on the lawn and then Gran and Papa came over for some drinks and pizza.  Auntie Tricia and Uncle Corey came over later in the night and we had a great time just talking and drinking.  Eric might have had too much fun.  After a few rounds of drinks, Darla finally got down to the knitty gritty on Bill's responsibilities while in the military and Eric discussed his theological views with his mother.  Yikes, on both accounts.

Christmas day was spent at home and then over at the Ashton's in the evening.  We celebrated sans Dynak's as they were in Utah living it up in the snow.  We did have a full house though with remaining Ashton's, Aunt Elaine, Pappa, Babci, and Karen Norris.  This year the gifts got rolled out gradually, which was really nice because I was able to actually see everyone open their gifts.  The girls had a great time jumping on the bed and running around the house like hooligans.  The twins could run into a fire pit and Aubrey would gladly follow them, with a smile on her face.  It's adorable and scary.                      
All this fun and Denver still to come!  Can't wait to watch the girls open up more gifts and practice their new "sharing" skills with each other.

Baker Books
" dough!"  She loves
watching the animals grown their "hair" out.
Christmas Night at Gran and Papa's
That 70s Outfit from Gangy
Can't believe how hard it was
to get one pic of the kids.
Stink Eye, 2013
Tea Cup Set #1 from Gangy.
New shoes, bought with Great Papa's Christmas $$.
She picked them out herself.

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