Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Aubrey's First Public Performance

...if you don't count the Daycare Indy 500 Race of 2013 where we never even made it to the track because she was so freaked out.

Kindercare hosted it's 2013 Christmas Gala tonight and Aubrey's 2 Classroom stood on stage to perform "Deck The Halls."  We have been practicing this song for weeks.  When cued, Aubrey will occasionally sing some of the lyrics.  When nobody is watching and she is playing in the corner of the room alone, she can often be heard softly singing all the words.  I was very excited to see her on stage for the first time.  I've had her outfit planned for weeks....the sweet red sweater dress that Gangy bought her, with cream sweater tights, frilly socks and sparkly gold shoes.  This morning I marveled at how beautiful she looked.  Threw her hair up in a sweeping side pony tail that wanna-be models would die for.  Dropped her off at school and then anxiously awaited 5:00.

Eric and I arrived at the daycare and took our places.  I peered down the hallway to catch a glimpse of Aubrey before she made her way into the gym...just to make sure she wasn't already crying.  Horror and panic ensued.  Was that Aubrey standing at the end of the hallway wearing the Crap Clothes?  You know, Crap Clothes.  The clothes you take into daycare for them to change your kid into when something goes horribly wrong and the clothes you took them into school with cannot be worn for the rest of the day.  The clothes that don't fit right and you would never have them wear so you tuck them inside a cubby to collect dust until that one day out of the month when they have to be worn.  The Crap Clothes that aren't really appropriate for the season because it was September when you brought them in and she was a size or two smaller then....

Goodbye red sweater dress.  Hello hand-me-down Old Navy grey long sleeved t-shirt, stretch pants, no socks and gold shoes that now look like summer sandals without the cream tights.

This is a little dramatic.  After one minute of sadness, I turned my attention back to worrying if Aubrey would possibly stand up on that stage in front of a room full of people.  Who cares if she sings...I know if she sees me and Eric standing in the back of the room she will howl like a hyena (like several of the 1 year old kids did) and make a bee line for mama and dad.  But that didn't happen.  Again, I had a "my daughter is a little girl and baby no-more" moment as I watched Aubrey stand on stage with reddened embarrassed cheeks as she looked into the crowd.  You can tell the moment she noticed that her parents were there to see her.  She smiles, lowers her head a bit, but stays on stage.

It was one of my most favorite moments I've had so far as a parent.  I can't wait to see her on stage again.  Regardless of the nose picking and the fact that most eyes were on her (regardless of her not uttering a single word to the damn song we have spent so much time on) she made me VERY proud.

First, a little review of the practice we put into this "first of many firsts"....

And now for the Big Finale.  The moment we were waiting for...this video will forever commemorate Aubrey's nose picking fetish.  Thank goodness for Sheela, the daycare provider who told me last week that if she had a daughter she would want her to be exactly like Aubrey. 

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  1. I cried watching this. Aubrey is so precious, just love her sweet nature. So beautiful!!