Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tea Party and Monkey n' Around

Aubrey has spent the week in busy chatter.  Sentences are starting to flow...and, we sometimes even understand their intent.  Repeated lines this week have included, "Ewww...that's gross!" while checking out the bottoms of her shoes.  And, "It's coming!  It's coming!" while waiting for Netflix to begin her new favorite show, The Hungry Caterpillar and Other Eric Carle Stories.  She also continues to assess the weather each morning on our way to school..."It's clouw-y!  Too Clouw-y.  No moon!"

Eric and I participated in the neighborhood garage sale this week.  We believe that health care and garage sale items should be free to those who need it, so not a dollar was made on said garage sale. (Please share with the Republicans who are completely responsible for the current shut-down of the government.) Actually, we lost a few bucks because Eric accidentally set out some items that belong to our new microwave with the old microwave in the drive-way.  We got a good laugh at the fact that we are the only people who could possibly lose money by selling our own items.

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