Monday, September 16, 2013

This and That

Aubrey riding a bike at "K-oo-l."
Piper gives her best Cheerleading stance.

Piper says We're Number 1!

Dylan sporting a headband.

It's been a super warm start to Fall, which makes it feel like we are still smack in the middle of summer.  I am missing the days of summer where I could take Aubrey to the splash park and soak up some sun myself.  Instead, Eric and I have entered some super long work days and Aubrey has fully embraced her daycare center.  She's even taken up horse back riding (so they say...I have no idea where or how the picture of her riding solo on a horse actually took place or happened...but i know that it must have because I saw the picture with my own two eyes as I dropped her off one morning.)

Gangy went to stay with Piper and Sadie for a couple of days while John and Darci ran off to Jamaica for another destination wedding.  At this point I think they are purposely targeting becoming friends with people who have a high likelihood of choosing coconut drinks and bikinis over wedding gowns and champagne for their weddings.

Ashton and Addison are also enjoying their first days of school but they have been few and far between.  Heading to school for the first time, they have been hit hard with illnesses and poor Lorri is probably running out of sick days fast- in September.  Cousin Dylan took her first trip to Niagara Falls over Labor Day with Auntie Kim and Deidra to visit Great Aunt Gladys.

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