Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Kid

Today the Ashton family ventured to their first pumpkin patch.  Aubrey was in heaven...lots of space to run around and hardly any rules to abide.  The biggest attraction in her eyes was the sandbox/cornfeed box with lots of trucks and tractors to play with...she really enjoyed saying the word "pumpkin" over and over again as well.  We took a nice little hay ride- would have been nicer if Aubrey would have decided to sit with her family but instead she opted to sit next to another family.  When Eric and I tried get her to sit by us, we got a clear "NO", followed by a satisfied gaze at her new chosen family.  We thought for sure the pony ride would be a highlight for Aubrey, but after paying $3 she was really only into that for 40 seconds.
"Down...bye, pony."

In other news this week, Aubrey's teacher says that it was a great week for Aubrey due to the nights growing longer- Aubrey is able to point out the moon from the window everyday to her class.  And the moon is one of her favorite things right now.  Another one of her favorite things is the "bear" book we read each night before bed.  It's a short first reader with chapters about the bear trying to fly to the moon, making Birthday Soup, and spending time with his mother.  Darla and Eric and busy planning their upcoming trip to Vegas.  Show is booked, dinner is booked and Darla is still on a mission to find good walking shoes because she knows exactly what is in store for her heading back to The Strip with Eric:)

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