Sunday, September 15, 2013

College Prep Tour

Yesterday we took Aubrey for her first visit to Bloomington.  We had intended to just head downtown for the zoo, but the weather was so beautiful we just kept driving and headed to Eric's old stomping grounds instead.  We let Aubrey run wild around campus, hit up some bookstores, and then had a picnic at the Cascades.  Aubrey's favorite part of the day was probably showing off in front of the college girls at the bookstore, who then gave her some IU stickers to put on her cheeks and hands.  She knows how to put on a good show.  Here are some pics of the day and a video of hide and seek on campus.
Eric and Aubrey searching for frogs.
Always a smile on the face when water is near.

Mini melt-down when it was time to leave this fountain.

Aubrey enjoyed sharing her snack with Herman B Wells.

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