Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Kid

Today the Ashton family ventured to their first pumpkin patch.  Aubrey was in heaven...lots of space to run around and hardly any rules to abide.  The biggest attraction in her eyes was the sandbox/cornfeed box with lots of trucks and tractors to play with...she really enjoyed saying the word "pumpkin" over and over again as well.  We took a nice little hay ride- would have been nicer if Aubrey would have decided to sit with her family but instead she opted to sit next to another family.  When Eric and I tried get her to sit by us, we got a clear "NO", followed by a satisfied gaze at her new chosen family.  We thought for sure the pony ride would be a highlight for Aubrey, but after paying $3 she was really only into that for 40 seconds.
"Down...bye, pony."

In other news this week, Aubrey's teacher says that it was a great week for Aubrey due to the nights growing longer- Aubrey is able to point out the moon from the window everyday to her class.  And the moon is one of her favorite things right now.  Another one of her favorite things is the "bear" book we read each night before bed.  It's a short first reader with chapters about the bear trying to fly to the moon, making Birthday Soup, and spending time with his mother.  Darla and Eric and busy planning their upcoming trip to Vegas.  Show is booked, dinner is booked and Darla is still on a mission to find good walking shoes because she knows exactly what is in store for her heading back to The Strip with Eric:)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tea and Champagne, Please

Beautiful Saturday morning.  Aubrey finally got her hands on the fine china of the household.

Monday, September 16, 2013

This and That

Aubrey riding a bike at "K-oo-l."
Piper gives her best Cheerleading stance.

Piper says We're Number 1!

Dylan sporting a headband.

It's been a super warm start to Fall, which makes it feel like we are still smack in the middle of summer.  I am missing the days of summer where I could take Aubrey to the splash park and soak up some sun myself.  Instead, Eric and I have entered some super long work days and Aubrey has fully embraced her daycare center.  She's even taken up horse back riding (so they say...I have no idea where or how the picture of her riding solo on a horse actually took place or happened...but i know that it must have because I saw the picture with my own two eyes as I dropped her off one morning.)

Gangy went to stay with Piper and Sadie for a couple of days while John and Darci ran off to Jamaica for another destination wedding.  At this point I think they are purposely targeting becoming friends with people who have a high likelihood of choosing coconut drinks and bikinis over wedding gowns and champagne for their weddings.

Ashton and Addison are also enjoying their first days of school but they have been few and far between.  Heading to school for the first time, they have been hit hard with illnesses and poor Lorri is probably running out of sick days fast- in September.  Cousin Dylan took her first trip to Niagara Falls over Labor Day with Auntie Kim and Deidra to visit Great Aunt Gladys.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Puke and Dash

It's been a busy week.  And I know people say that all the time..."We are so busy!"  But the past two weeks have really kicked our butts.  Eric has been putting in a lot of after-hours time at work dealing with phone issues (and other routine crap that comes up) and I started my first practicum three weeks ago.  Much more work than I had anticipated, which means during the school day I am dedicating a lot of hours to being inside classrooms working directly with students/teachers and come home at night to complete my assignments and do the work actually related to assistive technology.

It was such a crazy week that Eric and I got home from work Friday and decided to go out to dinner at a sit-down restaurant, because after all...we deserved it. We packed up Aubrey and headed to Logan's Roadhouse, somewhere we rarely go or even notice.  But, it seems kid friendly?  Loud?  Steak?  Sounds exactly like the dining experience we were searching for.

We had not been in the restaurant more than 2 minutes before it became clear to us that Aubrey was not in the mood to behave in a public place.  She was out of her chair, running around the room, walking up to strangers at their we did what any good parent would do.  Bribed her with the peanuts sitting at our table.  After she had successfully stuffed her mouth with peanuts, she was up and running around again.  When I tried to be firm and "make" her sit in her highchair she started to choke.  The kind of choking that quiets a room and involves a dad whacking the back of a 2 year old, while mom stands with her hands cupped in the readying position to catch the puke that is sure to follow when the airway opens again.  In front of a Logan's Roadhouse audience, these are exactly the events that took place.  Followed by Eric quickly yelling at a waitress, "I'm so sorry, we have to go now" (regardless of us already having ordered and having drinks in front of us) and whisking Aubrey out to the car...Mom quickly scanning the room trying to figure out where she would dump the pile of puke in her hands (peanut bucket seemed to do the trick) and then fleeing the scene as soon as she can but noticing as she picks up personal belongings on the table that the table of 8 sitting right next to her have all stopped talking and will not look up from their plates.

On the way home I chuckled and said, "Well, this is why I am glad we don't live in Culver.  We never had to go back to that restaurant again, nobody knew who we were so we don't have to feel shitty that we didn't even leave a tip for the food we didn't pay for and the puke we left on the table."  Until I looked down and noticed I had my name tag on the whole time.  Darla Ashton, Carmel Clay Schools, Assistive Technology Coordinator.  Ah, brilliant.

Poor Aubrey.  On the way home, she kept saying, "Peanut. hard."  So for those of you keeping score:
1.  Thinking you can eat out on a crowded Friday night.
2.  Giving your 2 year old peanuts.
3.  Wearing your name tag in public with your child.
4.  Feeling the scene of a crime.
5.  Actually saying on the way home, "Well...I was kind of glad when she puked because it gave us an excuse to leave.  It was going so badly anyway."

And that was just during a 30 minute time span on a Friday night...

College Prep Tour

Yesterday we took Aubrey for her first visit to Bloomington.  We had intended to just head downtown for the zoo, but the weather was so beautiful we just kept driving and headed to Eric's old stomping grounds instead.  We let Aubrey run wild around campus, hit up some bookstores, and then had a picnic at the Cascades.  Aubrey's favorite part of the day was probably showing off in front of the college girls at the bookstore, who then gave her some IU stickers to put on her cheeks and hands.  She knows how to put on a good show.  Here are some pics of the day and a video of hide and seek on campus.
Eric and Aubrey searching for frogs.
Always a smile on the face when water is near.

Mini melt-down when it was time to leave this fountain.

Aubrey enjoyed sharing her snack with Herman B Wells.