Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Ashton's Go West

Aubrey took her first true "vacation" this summer as the Ashton's headed out west and stayed with the Koelling's in Denver.  Each day brought 90-100 degree heat...but it was a dry heat, which had Darla and Eric convinced for a day or two that they should relocate permanently to the Rockies.  It was a glorious five day trip and a great way to end Darla's summer.  (Sidenote:  Going back to work in July just seems so wrong!  But it happened.)

I'm going to try something new for this entry- it's called Narrable.  Instead of writing the story of Denver, let's see how I do with narrating.  I would like to imagine it is going to come off like a Wonder Years episode, but will probably sound more like the narration from Laguna Beach...scripted and bland.  Also will load you up on many YouTube videos of the girls playing together and Sadie Bug.
Ok...that didn't turn out as beautifully as I wanted, but hey- it's my first time with Narrable.  Now for the YouTube clips.

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