Monday, August 12, 2013

Piper Turns 2!

Last week the Koelling's came to Culver for a long weekend.  Not long enough, but it never is.  It was Sadie's first trip to Culver.  Aubrey was very happy to see Piper twice within one month.  We celebrated with an Elmo cake.  We did some pool swimming, played in the sand at the beach, and took a wonderful boat ride on Lake Max.  Tried out a new movie maker called CuteCUT to capture the you will see, the girls LOVED jumping on the bed with G-Man.  He really was super Grandpa with the girls this visit.  Thanks for the fabulous steak and rib dinner Saturday night, Gangy and G Man...YUM.

Featuring The Weepies, I Gotta Have You

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