Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some July Highlights

Some July Highlights

I feel like we are really trying to make the most of the summer this year.  We've purchased a zoo pass and now that I have conquered my fear of driving I70 it doesn't seem like much work to zip on downtown for a few hours.  Aubrey loves the bird house there, as well as the Aquatic life.  She squeals with delight when she sees the sea lions swim by, shouting and pointing it out to anyone nearby, "Ohhh!  FISH!"  She likes scoping out the sharks and turtles as well.  I've spent the last three weekends in Culver with her and am heading up again for a fourth.  We've been doing nightly bike rides which involves Eric trying to find as many rabbits, ducks, geese and birds as he can to point out to Aubrey.  We get a lot of interesting looks due to our baby bike seat and you can tell some neighbors get excited to see us heading down the street.  Aubrey waves to everyone and everything, loves pointing out basketball hoops, and is always impatient to get strapped into her seat.

In other news, Eric is very excited that his Bill Murray T-shirts have arrived (one for him, one for Aubrey!)  I've spent some time this week making treats for the NICU nurses and plan to deliver them tomorrow when I go to visit my friend Erin who is there with her twin arrivals.  Auntie Tricia had a dr appointment this week and got her first photograph of baby Powell.  And Ryan Giffin is now a dad to twin boys that arrived last week.  He texted Eric and said he wasn't going to lie, it was a lot of work.  They hadn't even left the hospital yet...yikes.

Aubrey has recently shown a fascination with bugs.  We have to Oohh and Aahhh at each one we spot.  She also is constantly on a "rock hunt" and prefers to throw them into water whenever possible. She pushed her dolly in her stroller to the park down the street today.  I thought it was going to take us 5 days to get there.  On the way back home she did not want to walk anymore and I am sure it was a comical sight to see me trying to carry her on one hip and a baby stroller, baby, toy truck, and Kindle in the other hand.  (I am reading Lonesome Dove for the first time...can't hardly put it down!)  Aubrey's words are coming quickly now.  Eric and I might be the only people who understand them, but we frequently will hear her request "cereal milk" to eat/drink, and she is repeating a lot of what she hears.  Even managing some two word sentences.  Tonight she was trying to put pants on over her head and when she couldn't manage it, I am pretty sure we heard "shit" muttered a few times.  Guess it's time for Mom Mom and Dad to really start monitoring the language...can it be done?

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