Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Has Finally Begun

Summer Has Finally Begun

It seems like since the last post summer has finally begun in the Ashton household.  Mom Mom and Aubrey continued on with their daycare saga...and it looks like we have found our perfect fit.  Today Aubrey did a "test run" at the center- things went well so it looks like Kindercare might be the winner.  One of her future classmates already has taken a liking to Darla and called her Mom for the 20 minutes she stuck around to help get Aubrey settled.  Poor Eleanor...it was only her second day of daycare ever and it has clearly traumatized her enough to make her believe that any woman who walks into the room with a diaper bag must be her mother.  This in turn traumatized Aubrey as she witnessed another two year old crawling into Mom Mom's lap.

Last week Gangy and G man came to Indy for some summer concert fun- being the fantastic grandparents they are, volunteered to take Aubrey to the zoo the morning after.  But we all know Sandi Eby's luck and naturally it ended up being the one day of the summer that the zoo is closed.  Instead they settled on a day of walking the canal downtown and partaking in Aubrey's first McDonalds ice cream cone.  Aubrey did begin calling G man by name, but the pronunciation is a mystery to me and I can assure you it sounds nothing like "G man."

The canal sounded like so much fun that Eric and Darla decided to give it a try on Father's Day.  Renting a Surrey, we had a lovely day of biking up and down the canal.  It would have been a lot easier if Darla and Eric had actually started off the ride following the canal, but direction is never Eric's strong point and since he was steering this bike, we found ourselves going up and down a lot of hills in some not so scenic views.  Once we realized we were no where near the canal and needed to backtracked the ride seemed much prettier and er, flatter.  We finished with a delicious lunch at Creation Cafe which probably resulted in some very severe stomach issues for Darla for the following three days.  Of course it could have been all the beer she consumed two nights before on her back porch with neighbor man/family photographer Brent, Uncle Corey and Auntie Tricia.

It is so delightful having the summer off AND having a sister on maternity leave.  It means there is lots of time for quick phone chats and hearing all about the juggling act of raising TWO children.  Darci continues to be cool as a cucumber and took the girls to the zoo today.  Damn that Darci...I hate moms that act like leaving the house with their kids is so easy and fun. Darci will attest that packing a bag for both children is extremely time consuming and usually requires more time and prep than the actual activity they are leaving to engage in.  But she admits it without swearing or regretting it, so again, she always has me beat.

First pony tail sighting!
Aubrey and Darla explored some water sports this week (well, let's agree that we are using the
word sport losely) through watering flowers and playing with the hose, hitting up the Splash Pad and visiting the public pool for the first time.  Turns out Mom Mom doesn't look so hideous in her bathing suit compared to the patrons at the public pool!  And Aubrey is back in the groove of voluntarily going under water and kicking her legs to swim...all the while clinging on to her mother for dear life.  But smiling.

Summer has begun- ice cream cones, bike riding, swimming, gardening and attempted zoo visits.  I'll leave you with a clip representing how each night ends in our household.  Nobody wants a summer night to ever end...

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