Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome to the World, Sadie Estelle!

Semi-naps, bandannas, dining al fresco and potato head glasses.
June started off very busy for the Ashton family.  Mom Mom and Aubrey visited three day cares this week, went to two farmer's markets, visited with a friend, and fought each other tooth and nail over nap time.  Aubrey is winning the battle everyday.  Mom took yet another dreaded test for grad school and spent a long time planting shrubs, flowers and grasses with Dad in the front yard.  We feel pretty confident about our choices and placement but next year will surely regret it all.

Saturday started off very exciting with a 5:30am phone call from Auntie Darci announcing that the baby had finally arrived!  Sadie Estelle came quickly and her poor mama didn't even have time to take a shower before getting to the hospital to deliver.  Sounds like Piper is in love with her little sister already and bossing her mom around on how to care for little Sadie.  "Sadie bed.  Sadie eat.  Sadie hospital."  We can't wait to meet her.  Especially Gangy.

Saturday afternoon also was cousin Jack's graduation party.  Gangy wasn't able to stay for too long (Grandpa Ron turns into a pumpkin if he isn't back in Leiters Ford by 7pm) but it was nice to be with family for a few hours.  Aubrey loves the slide and pool at Aunt Lisa's and was a little annoyed that she was not able to enjoy the accommodations while at the party.  Soon enough, little one.  Aunt Teri and Caroline came back the Ashton's for a nice drink on the porch and even got to hear Aubrey say an Aunt's name for the first time...."Ta-Ta??  Aunt Ta-Ta?"  (I have heard it A LOT since her departure.)  The biggest disappointment was Jack NOT allowing all the aunts to wear a championship ring on a chain around their necks while sporting bikinis at the party.  That Jack...he's just no fun at all.

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