Saturday, June 1, 2013

So Begin the Terrible 2s

For Aubrey's second birthday the Ashton family traveled north.  They had a nice little visit at Grandma Myrna and Grandpa Carl's to kick things off.  Poor Aubrey...she is learning the heart ache of having a great-grandmother who collects precious dolls and toys that are always on display but cannot be touched.  She so desperately wanted to play with a porcelain figurine of a girl with a duck, only to be told she would have to settle on plastic miniature soldiers instead.

Next it was off to Culver for the night.  Everyone enjoyed their first Drive-In meal of the summer and went to  bed early so they would be well rested for the birthday party the next day.  The celebration was held in the garage due to pending showers but this did not take away from the lovely lunch of burgers and hot dogs, followed by a Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

Aubrey received a wonderful gift from her Aunt Teri- a beach pass for the entire family to use for the summer!  (It really is the gift that keeps on giving if you consider the lifetime memories it provides...) Garrett handed down a movie that is sure to become a new favorite.  Gangy and G man had a slide and sand table delivered to the Ashton house this week but at the party they also gave Aubrey a baby stroller and doll.  As you can tell from the video below, she LOVED them.  She took her baby on a stroller ride around the block a few times and then decided it was her turn, so Caroline and Susannah pushed her in a stroller for a bit.  On the car ride home, she hugged and giggled with her new dolly.  What a wonderful way to spend a birthday.

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