Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camp Eby, Round 1

Camp Eby, Round 1

Aubrey and Darla made the journey to Camp Eby for the first time this summer.  What was meant to be a two or three day stay turned into five day stay- too much fun to leave.
But when the rain came in Monday it seemed to be a sign it was time to head home.

Aubrey got to enjoy her first visit to the Culver Beach with Gangy and Mom.  She wasn't quite comfortable walking on the sand or in the water (those waves can leave a girl feeling a little nervous with her footing) but she did enjoy playing with her sand bucket and shovel.

We took lots of walks down by the Academy and watched the campers practice their marching.  The weather was hot so we had some good pool days but did have to share the accommodations with the ducks that have claimed the Eby backyard as their own.  Aubrey had fun swimming with the Baker's and Van Duyne's but mostly wanted to throw things into the pool.

Mom was happy to get her Drive-In food fix and Aubrey tasted her first twist cone.  The rain came in one afternoon, but the whole family made the most of it by driving out to the Marina and enjoying an afternoon cocktail.  Gangy had to leave us Sunday morning so she could fly to Denver and meet Sadie for the first time!  She is having a wonderful time holding and feeding Sadie and listening to all that Piper has to tell her about.  I think Gangy is having a much easier time understanding Piper's thoughts and opinions compared to Aubrey's:)

It's only Tuesday and it feels like we have had a full week already.  Aubrey and Mom went to the zoo today and enjoyed the crazy summer heat while spying on animals.  Aubrey has graduated from casual squirrel watching to trying to catch baby sharks and chasing birds in the bird sanctuary.  She also got to taste her first slushy- the moment it touched her lips she said, "Ohhh Mmmmm!  Gank-Gu!  Gank-Gu!"  (That means "this is yummy, thank you!")

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