Friday, May 31, 2013

Aubrey year 2 recap

Aubrey turns 2 years old this weekend.  It's been a big year for Aubrey...she was a flower girl in her first bridal party for Auntie Tricia's wedding and then got to attend Auntie Kim's wedding just two days later.  She learned how to go underwater at Aunt Lisa's pool, finally left behind the days of the bottle, had a brief encounter with early potty training success (only to realize that was over-rated and returned to diaper mania) and started daycare for the first time in February.  

Physical activity was all the rage- learning to walk, jump, climb, hopping like a frog, flying like a goose and conquering the playground.  Aubrey's fine motor skills have shown great growth as she is now able to scroll, search and select her favorite apps from an iPad or iPhone.  

She fell in love several times over- crushes included her new cousin Dylan who came a bit early in typical Ashton fashion, Mickey Mouse, DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba, and TroTro the donkey.  Waiting till the final hour to show her expressive language skills, Aubrey has very recently decided to start repeating any and every word she hears.  Without cue she is very fond of requesting:  juice, water, Gangy, Dad, TroTro, park, BUBBLES.  

Darla and Eric are hopeful that year 2 will bring less puking (those gag reflexes are relentless), a successful start at a new daycare, and even more laughter and smiles from a girl who makes them the proudest and happiest parents in the world.